Psychotic Artists United (P.A.U) is a project founded by me, Andreas Lærum. I am a visual artist, and occasionally, I find myself in a parallel universe; psychosis. When the realm of art and the realm of psychosis merge, something unique and different can emerge. Of course, there are an infinite number of universes, unstable and most likely invisible, but what I am concerned with here is the combination of art and psychosis.


P.A.U is also an organization. We are only a handful of members. You can join by writing to us. Membership is free and confidential. You don't need to be sick or an artist to join. Write to: Organization is an interesting process. It is an ancient phenomenon where those with a varying number of coinciding interests form a community. Communication is essential, within the group, but also outwardly towards the population.

We are focused on the collective and we maintain a pancake-flat power structure.

The Political

Psychotic Artists United is a political organization. We want our expressions and achievements to be accepted just like others'. Our contributions should enrich, expand, and add something genuine and innovative to both art and psychiatry. Firstly, it is important for us to become visible. Secondly, we must be allowed to promote our message. Thirdly, we need acceptance and understanding for our cause, and we need support.

Women, people of color, and homosexuals have fought a long battle for rights, and against discrimination. These groups have, in many ways, been granted many of their demands, although there is still much left. They have had resourceful people who have led the way and broken the barricades.

Among the psychotic, there are few or none who have been able to do just that. Rebelling in a psychiatric ward often results in restraints and forced medication. Behind locked doors, it is forbidden to be a political being.


Most psychotics are often in psychiatric institutions. Within these locked doors exists a separate justice. The class divide is greater than elsewhere in society. As a patient, you cannot override the psychiatrist's decisions. You must comply. Situations often arise that are challenging to experience or manage for both the individual concerned and for bystanders/other patients. . The fact is that many become sicker from being admitted, one can be traumatized, and not least, one becomes passive.


There are many forms of therapy, but the one I value most is the practice of art, in all its genres. It's about expressing oneself, and there are countless ways to do this.

I want Psychotic Artists United to be a place where one can express themselves. Therefore, I am creating various pages where you can participate if you wish. Each of these pages has an email address you can write to. You can also always write to me directly at:

Under Construction

Both the website, the project, and the organization are in an ongoing process, and it will always be. One of the pages documents my latest art project titled "Trigonometry of Psychosis". On this page, named AL, I post documentation of my own art.

Another page is called BLITZ FILM. As the name suggests, this is a place where you can publish short films, preferably under five minutes.

A third page is called [sic]k and is P.A.U's newsletter.

Other pages will emerge over time.

If you feel that you want to help with something, then write (again) to: